Saturday, February 29, 2020

Getting Close to Jesus

Going to heaven or being with Jesus? Which is more important?

Show Notes:
Tracts focus on going to heaven;
Is there more than heaven and hell?;
I use tracts as conversations starters;
Getting people closer to Jesus than they were before they met me;
God is worthy to be praised no matter where we are;
Would you tell people about Jesus even if you went to hell? ;
Lazarus and the rich man Luke 16:19-31 ;
Man in hell wanted to warn his brethren;
Love is to be a primary motivation;
Exodus 32 Moses intercedes and is willing to be blotted out;
Paul is willing to be accursed for his brethren - Romans 9;
Matt 7:21-23 lip service for heaven sake ;
Depart from Jesus - not from heaven ;
Rev 3:21 overcomers sit with Jesus in His throne;
Matt 25 - depart from Jesus - not depart from heaven;
John 14 - God abides with those that love Him;
Prodigal son Luke 15:11-32 notice the proximity and death;
Gen 2:17 Adam died the day he ate the fruit;
Luke 17:33 seeking to save our lives;
Mark 8:35-37 seeking to save our lives;

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