Saturday, February 1, 2020

Having an Intentional Thought Life

Digging into having an intentional proactive thought life.

I have done many posts and podcasts on the victorious Christian Thought Life.  This one deals with being intentional.  Thinking 'God' thoughts on purpose and some mind hacks on how to do it.

Show Notes:
Being proactive about what we allow into our minds;
Cast down vain imaginations 2 Corinthians 10:5;
Don't be conformed but renew our minds Rom 12:1,2;
Think about what is holy and pure Philippians 4:8;
Being proactive with spiritual armor Eph 6;
We unconsciously create thinking habits;
It begins when we wake up;
Eve wasn't proactive in guarding her thoughts;
God wants us to have good success in His Word Josh 1:8;
Our silly thoughts lead to destruction Pro 22:13, Prom 20:4;
Keeping our mind on God gives us peace Is 26:3;
Our negative thoughts turn into our identity;
David was proactive in his thought life 1 sam 30;
David reframed his thoughts about Goliath ;
Humming to spice up our thought life;
Rehearsing God's promises and loving my cat;
Rehearsing and meditating on scripture proactively;
A friend set his watch at 10:10 each day for John 10:10;
Affirmation reminder apps to remind you;

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