Saturday, March 21, 2020

My Journey in Healing - From Skeptic to Believer

Exploring my journey in Faith Healing. I used to think it was fake but now I am a firm believer.

Show Notes:
I used to think healing was fake;
I grew up in Cessationist church;
Faith healers were exposed as frauds;
A man raised from the dead exposed as fraud;
Watching Benny Hinn closely;
I prayed for a lady to live and she did!;
David George gets healed at church! ;
OFCC had many testimonies of healing;
Man's eye straightened up;
Couple gets pregnant through prayer;
Dave and Patty Lage interview ;
Kevin Riordan praying for people on the Street;
Stephen Barret - Radical Transformation in healing;
I saw healings first hand with Garry Nesbit;
Seeing healings first hand with Doug Hanson;
Praying with doubt #DoesNotRock ;
Praying in the "Name" of Jesus ;
Being meet for the Master's use;


Resurrection Hoax
David George Healing
Dave and Patty Lage Interview
The Last Reformation FREE MOVIE
Kevin Riordan Interview
Stephen Barrett Interview
Garry Nesbit Interview

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