Saturday, April 4, 2020

Faith and Evidence

Getting confirmations 

People in the bible asked for confirmations to bolster their faith.

Faith and Evidence show notes:

Our faith grows as our relationship grows;
Mark 8:36 God is more important;
Matthew 10:28 Fear God not man ;
Vines definition of Faith ;
Examining Hebrews 11 relationships;
Enoch walked with God;
Noah heard God;
Abraham heard God;
Have faith in God Mark 11:22-26;
Paul had a relationship before miracles happened;
There is Power in the word;
Evidence procedures when losing weight;
Gideon and his evidence procedures;
Judges 6:36-38 fleece gets wet;
Judges 6:39-40 fleece gets dry;
An enemy bolsters Gideon's Faith! Judges 7:9-15;
Manoah seeks evidence - Judges 13:8-9;
Daniel 10:12-14 Daniel seeks a solution;
Daniel 9:20-23 Daniel seeks God;
My evidence to go to Florida;
Trying to buy a house without praying about it;
Zechariah vs Mary;

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