Saturday, August 8, 2020

How to Endure Tribulation

Have you ever noticed how often times the congregation hates the messenger and the message sent to them?

Flesh ignores God in the green season;
Difficult to hear from God during the Trial; 
David's testing in 1 Sam 30; 
Moses Family feud in Numbers 12; 
Jesus warns that our families can be enemies Matt 10:35-38;
The congregation wants to stone Moses and Aaron Num 14:10; 
People with Evil Report Died Num 14:37-38; 
Jeremiah was rejected by his people; 
Jesus rejected by His people;
Jesus prays for them anyways Luke 23:33-34;
God’s perspective 1Sa 8:7 ; 
Stephen's example Act 7:52-60; 
Persecution arises because of The Word Mar 4:17; 
Tribulation to enter the Kingdom Act 14:22; 
Tribulation endurance and the crown of How How to life Rev 2:9-11; 
Jesus rebukes Pharisees Matt 23; 

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