Saturday, October 24, 2020

We are what we think - Biblical thoughts about Thinking

We become what we think about. Therefore we should endeavor to think with intention.

Video Notes on Thinking:

Faith is substance and evidence Heb 11:1;
Faith and Belief are closely related in Greek;
Jesus only did what He saw the Father do in the spiritual realm;
Is faith a spiritual substance? ;
The Mark 11 Faith Sandwich;
Our heart can think opposite of what we say Proverbs 23:7;
Thinking, speaking, to manifesting;
New Age forgets the 'Faith in God' part;
Forgiveness in the faith equation;
Judged by idle words because they show the heart;
Gal 6:7 reaping what we sow in the spirit;
worldly sorrow verses Godly sorry 2 Cor 7:10;
Martin Luther reframe from guilt to faith;
Changing our thoughts is repentance;
The metamorphosis of changing our mind Rom 12:1,2;
Watchman Nee the living sacrifice ;
Watch what we sow into ourselves because we become it;
Vain repetitions vs effective prayer;
We rehearse the same thoughts each day;

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