Friday, November 13, 2020

Why are we Angry with Our Brother?

Are we getting angry with our brother without a cause? 

Psalm 41:6 the heart gathers iniquity to itself; 
Confirmation bias is on autopilot; 
If we are angry at our brother, what is the root cause;
social media keeps us hooked on what we want; 
our brother we disagree with also has confirmation bias; 
find the false doctrine in our lives and root it out; 
Spirit of Truth guides us into all truth; 
fake news spreads 6 times faster than real; 
rejecting opposing information out of hand; 
Smith Wigglesworth wouldn't even allow a newspaper in his home; 
renewing our minds with e word of god in our lives; 
we think the same thoughts each day; 
2 Cor 5:10 Bringing thoughts into the obedience of Christ; 

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