Saturday, March 27, 2021

Reexamining John 3:16 - A fresh Look at some very old words

Digging Deeper to go higher with John 3:16

Most people will not know why I have a serpent on a stick for the image of this podcast.  Find out why in the show today.  

Getting into what Jesus REALLY meant:

Looking into original languages for 'for' and 'so';
When I first heard John 3:16;
Saul's rigid interpretation was fighting the truth;
Memorizing scripture is not salvation;
Carnal Interpretation versus Spirit of Truth;
The Greek word for 'for' definition;
For is a 'continuation of thought';
John 3:10-15 - the serpent on the stick;
Crucifixion and the serpent on the stick;
The Greek word for 'so';
Word meanings change with time;

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