Friday, July 30, 2021

Evangelism In Japan - Missionary Stephen Barrett Interview

Missionary To Japan 

Stephen Barret shares what it is like to evangelize in Japan.  Signs and wonders confirming the word.  

Show Notes with Time Stamps

02:05 Stephen went from no miracles to miracles
06:45 Jesus is not known in Japan
08:35 The Japanese think evangelism is for the Pros
10:08 God draws the right people
12:16 Stephen recounts a miracle in his ministry
16:15 an example of God drawing the hungry people
18:34 Japanese Mystics - Idolatry
20:38 Idolatry is a problem when new converts in Japan
21:43 Buddhism and Shintoism is prevalent
22:39 A Buddhist dreams about Jesus and then gets saved
25:38 The ones that follow you are the ones you disciple
27:49 The smart phone as a ministry tool
30:41 Japanese think Jesus is a historical figure among other gods;
34:58 Another miracle recounted
39:30 A terminal patient healed in Jesus Name
41:16 Commanding in the Name of Jesus
44:33 Signs accompany the gospel confirming the word
46:16 Dealing with Doubt and unbelief
48:25 Stephen was going blind from demonic attack
54:27 Running to the demons in dreams to attack
56:08 The devil tests believers
56:38 Don't seek sympathy get in agreement
1:02:53 Greater works than these
1:06:14 The devil circles about seeking whom he may devour
1:09:50 Acts is our blueprint for today - not leaven
1:11:54 Committing time for evangelism each week
1:18:17 Huddling after a spiritual encounter - discipling
1:20:12 Words of knowledge - spiritual discernment
1:27:03 Stilling the thoughts to be receptive to God
1:29:01 Learning from God directly
1:31:15 Stephen recounts a time he got healed
1:39:15 Stephen prays


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