Saturday, July 10, 2021

Spirit Led Evangelism in Biloxi MS.


Ministry Recap

Joseph and Conrad recap spirit led evangelism in Biloxi Mississippi.  

Being Led by the Spirit to evangelize:

Praying before ministry where to go;
Prophesying in part - watching in prayer;
Hard Rock Casino - man in green apparel;
Discerning between heart and Spirit;
The rain stopped for ministry;
The man that spoke Chinese;
When he saw the cross his countenance changed;
Led by spirit versus carnal mind;
Getting shut down a few times;
Words of knowledge open doors;
Unforgiveness is very prevalent;
The time-waster at the bus station;
Three very receptive ladies;
Joseph gives out crosses;
Does Jesus know you? ;
Maybe we handled one lady wrong;
Praying for boldness;

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