Saturday, October 9, 2021

The Next Step Method - turning notes into ACTION!!!

The Next Step method 

The Next Step Method is a technique that highlights gaps in our knowledge and steers us where to go next in our studies.

Show Notes :

I am handing you a 'dig deeper' shovel;
PROBLEM - I never revisited my highlights or notes;
The Next Step Method makes learning exciting again;
Capture all highlights, notes, and epiphanies;
Start studying new things in your call;
Google Keep for capturing everything;
Momento app transcribes podcasts;
All notes and highlights into Readwise;
Personal Knowledge Management - Obsidian;
The Next Step Method highlights gaps in knowledge;
The Next Step Method shows where to study next;
Spaced repetition and Active Recall;
HabakKuk 2:2 run with the writing;


OBSIDIAN Personal Knowledge Management

MOMENTO for podcasts - 

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