Saturday, April 2, 2022

Walking After the Spirit with the Carrascos - Testimony Interview

Testimony interview the Francisco and Carisa Carrasco. Hear what it is like to hold on to God tenaciously through adversity.  Their faith was tried, but they came out triumphant through their faith in Jesus. 

Here is the video Interview:

Show Notes:

Warfare before the Interview;
Francisco and Carissa battled Sickness;
Demons and the Spirit of Death;
The struggle with going to the doctor;
The dove confirmation of assurance;
A turn for the worse - very low oxygen;
The demonic growl ;
Xray shows complete lung failure;
Only 2 days left to live;
The supernatural healing encounter ;
God sends two confirmations ;
Deliverance came finally;
God provided for all the needs;
The Atheist doctor saw a miracle;
Hear blockage disappears;
God said CHOOSE NOW! ;
Divine appointment and word of knowledge;
More dove confirmations;
Prayer ........ ;

YouTube Interview 
Francisco on Facebook
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