Saturday, November 26, 2022

How to get Through the Bible Many Times per Year!

Getting Through the Bible!

It is easier than you might think! 
In this podcast, I am sharing some tips on how to get through the bible multiple times per year. It is easier than you think.  I got through the bible six times in one year one time.  It wasn't difficult either.  

Getting through the Bible show notes:

In Matt 4 and Luke 4 The Spirit and the Word;
My Dad Listened to the KJV bible a lot;
We must prioritize and value the bible;
Joh 15:3 The Word cleanses us;
1Pe 1:22 The Word Purifies our souls;
Joh 17:17 The Word is Truth;
Psa 119:9 We cleanse our way;
Eph 5:26 Washed by the Water of the Word;
Psa 119:1 So that we do not sin;
We need to know the Eph 6 Armor;
Youversion is Free App;
Listening at Faster Speeds;
Bluetooth headphones help a lot;
Smart speakers Like Amazon Echo;
Listen while exercising, cleaning, or commuting;

Alexander Scourby King James Bible.
Open Your Eyes - My Supernatural Journey 
Here I am on YouVerson 
Benefits of Youversion h
Bluetooth headphones 
Echo Dot Smart Speaker

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