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How to get Through the Bible Many Times per Year!

Getting Through the Bible!

It is easier than you might think! 
In this podcast, I am sharing some tips on how to get through the bible multiple times per year. It is easier than you think.  I got through the bible six times in one year one time.  It wasn't difficult either.  

Getting Into God's Word: Tips for Reading the Bible Multiple Times a Year


In today's busy world, it can be difficult to find time to regularly read and study the Bible. However, regularly immersing ourselves in God's Word is vital for growing our relationship with Him. In this post, we'll explore tips and techniques for reading through the entire Bible multiple times in a single year.

The Benefits of Bible Immersion

There are countless spiritual and practical benefits to regularly reading Scripture. As shared in the podcast, familiarity with the Bible enables the Holy Spirit to bring verses to mind when we need them most. Additionally, saturating our minds with Truth protects us from false teaching, cleanses our thought lives, renews our minds, and helps us live in freedom and victory. The more of God's Word we know, the more the Holy Spirit has to work with in our lives.

Tips to Read the Bible Multiple Times in a Year

Use Bible Apps and Audio Bibles
Apps like YouVersion make it easy to access Scripture anywhere with Bible reading plans, audio Bibles, and more. Listening at faster speeds allows you to get through more material.

Integrate Bible Listening into Your Routine
Listen to audio Bibles during your commute, chores, exercise routine, and more. Wireless headphones enable mobility.

Create a Bible-Saturated Environment
Use smart speakers to play audio Bibles out loud at home. Creating an atmosphere saturated in God's Word makes it effortless to absorb Scripture.

Track Your Progress
Bible apps allow you to track your progress so you can stay accountable and inspired as you achieve bible reading goals.

Prioritize Regular Bible Reading
To reach lofty Bible reading goals, we have to make it a priority amidst life's distractions. Evaluate how you're spending time each day to see where you can fit in more Scripture.


Immersing ourselves in the Bible regularly renews our minds, equips us for spiritual battles, conforms us to Jesus' image, and so much more. We encourage you to prayerfully consider how you can soak in more of God's Word this year through audio Bibles and Bible reading plans. As highlighted in the podcast, investing the time always proves eternally worthwhile. May your Scripture reading journey draw you closer to Christ each day!

Getting through the Bible show notes:

In Matt 4 and Luke 4 The Spirit and the Word;
My Dad Listened to the KJV bible a lot;
We must prioritize and value the bible;
Joh 15:3 The Word cleanses us;
1Pe 1:22 The Word Purifies our souls;
Joh 17:17 The Word is Truth;
Psa 119:9 We cleanse our way;
Eph 5:26 Washed by the Water of the Word;
Psa 119:1 So that we do not sin;
We need to know the Eph 6 Armor;
Youversion is Free App;
Listening at Faster Speeds;
Bluetooth headphones help a lot;
Smart speakers Like Amazon Echo;
Listen while exercising, cleaning, or commuting;

Alexander Scourby King James Bible.
Open Your Eyes - My Supernatural Journey 
Here I am on YouVerson 
Benefits of Youversion h
Bluetooth headphones 
Echo Dot Smart Speaker

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