Saturday, December 10, 2022

California Cross Walk - Acie Burleson Interview

Evangelist Acie Spreads Gospel Throughout California!

Evangelist Acie Burleson was on a mission to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout California, but he's did it in a unique way - by carrying a cross. Here is an exclusive interview with him where we can hear firsthand about this incredible journey. We’re excited to learn why he felt inspired to take on this endeavor and what his experiences and challenges were;

How Acie Burleson Spreads the Gospel In California!

Show Notes:
Met Acie Originally at Jesus Jam Texas;
Acie's original call to walk the cross;
Starting out with a challenge of faith;
Acie talks to homeless people;
Lady cries and said she was blessed;
Most people ignored him;
Acie talks to a man doing meth;
Supernatural provision;
Angry man challenges Acie ;
More supernatural provision!;
Desperate and God comes through;
We pray for California;
Acie prays us out;

Acie On Facebook 
Walking Memorial YouTube  
From South Carolina to the Grand Canyon 

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