Saturday, June 24, 2023

Sparking Spiritual Insight: 4 Questions to Dig Deeper

4-Question Method to Revelation

Are you looking to deepen your relationship with God, unlock new insights from scripture, and learn how to apply spiritual truth to your life? Join me as I explore the power of asking, seeking, and knocking in order to spark spiritual revelation and insight. In this episode, I’ll be discussing a powerful four-question method that can help you take your spiritual journey higher. Tune in for Coffee with Conrad and start unlocking your hidden spiritual insights!

Show Notes Summary

• The power of asking, seeking, and knocking when it comes to sparking spiritual revelation and insight.

• Spiritual revelations come with a biblical foundation- we must have a relationship with the Spirit of Truth and a biblical foundation for this to work. 

• “Parking the question in the Spirit”- when we are not ready to receive an answer. 

• Readwise Reader is useful for staying organized and motivated to read more. (Link Below for two months free trial)

• Four questions to help dig deeper and go higher with God:

    • What question or questions does this scripture or idea answer? 

    • What scriptures or ideas agree with this? 

    • What ideas or scriptures compete with this idea? 

    • What is the very next step?  

• Action tags are important to note so future self will understand the notes. 

• Review highlights and notes regularly to benefit from them. 

• Actionable next step ideas: podcasting, blogging, and Facebook posts.


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Next Step Method

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