Saturday, July 8, 2023

Monty Simpson Interview - Exploring the Challenges and Rewards of Street Evangelism

Conrad interviews street evangelist Monty Simpson

Monty shares his testimony and experiences of preaching on the streets. Monty discusses his journey from a life of alcoholism to finding salvation and his calling to evangelism. He also shares insights into the challenges and rewards of street preaching, and how his spiritual relationship with Jesus fuels his passion for the Great Commission. Despite facing opposition and misunderstanding, Monty remains steadfast in his mission to bring Jesus to the lost and hurting world.

Show notes:

- Monty Simpson shares his journey to street evangelism;
- Simpson's upbringing and struggles with alcoholism;
- His radical transformation after accepting Christ;
- The challenges and opposition faced by street preachers;
- The importance of being led by God in street preaching;
- Encountering demonic opposition during public preaching;
- The power of prayer and persistence in evangelism;
- The need for more Christians to take the gospel to the streets (Matthew 28:19);
- Simpson's call for support in his evangelistic mission.

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