Saturday, March 2, 2024

From Spinning Plates to Sowing Seeds - Be fruitful for the Kingdom not just busy

Living a Life of Kingdom Purpose 

Do you ever feel like you're just spinning plates?

 Rushing from one task to another, putting out fires, yet not moving closer to your kingdom calling? As followers of Christ, we're commissioned to bear fruit and make disciples. Yet it's so easy to get caught up in busyness rather than purposeful building of God's kingdom. 

In the podcast "From Spinning Plates to Sowing Seeds," Conrad challenges us to shift from a mentality of checking tasks off a list to one focused on leaving a legacy. What if we evaluated our activities not based on urgency but rather their capacity to nurture our faith and serve others?  

Jesus' parable of the sower illustrates that seeds landing on good soil multiply exponentially. As Conrad explains, "We need to find receptive hearts to sow the seed of the gospel into." This begins with building relationships, creating safe spaces for spiritual conversations to unfold. Rather than a transactional gospel sharing, we must invest in people, watering the seeds planted in their lives.

Conrad reminds us "the goal is to multiply believers who will in turn sow seed into others." Discipleship is a relay race where we pass the baton we've been handed to up-and-coming runners. Imagine the generational impact if we poured into mentees with the seriousness of Paul's investment in Timothy!  

What might it look like for you to shift toward a kingdom mindset this week? Could you have an iron-sharpening talk with a spiritually hungry friend? Is there a new believer you could begin walking alongside in deeper ways? small acts, when multiplied by the Spirit, birth big change. 

The time we've been given is precious. May we steward it well for the sake of the King and His coming kingdom. The fields are ripe for harvest–let's prayerfully sow kingdom seeds today.

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