Friday, April 26, 2024

Stop Playing Games With Baby Faith - It's Time to Move Mountains

Unlocking Mountain-Moving Faith

We serve a big God who wants to do big things through His people. But too often, we get stuck playing small because we let doubt and unbelief creep in.

In my recent podcast "Speaking to Your Mountain," we dug into Mark 11 where Jesus tells His disciples to have faith in God and speak to their mountains. This isn't some name-it-and-claim-it nonsense either. Jesus is calling us to an authentic life of kingdom dominion and authority.

See, the world tries to manifest things through mental gymnastics and "laws of attraction." But we don't have to pour from an empty cup. We have the living God inside of us! When we nurture our relationship with the Lord and stay planted in His Word, mountain-moving faith becomes second nature.

But there's a catch - Jesus makes it crystal clear that unforgiveness will cut the power line. We can't expect to walk in supernatural authority while harboring offense, anger or resentment in our hearts. That's a non-negotiable for kingdom operatives.

I'm telling you, when we get this forgiveness piece down and anchor ourselves in the uncompromising truth of God's Word, we become unstoppable forces for the kingdom! 

Interview with Real Talk Interactive

I recently had the privilege of appearing on Real Talk Interactive with my brother Richard Dixon to unpack these very truths. You can check out our powerful conversation right here:

Real Talk Interactive

Richard is a true minister of the gospel who isn't afraid to go deep and stir up spiritual hunger. During the interview, we took an exhilarating dive into operating in bold, mountain-moving faith according to the fullness of our identity in Christ.

If you're not yet plugged into Real Talk Interactive, I'd strongly encourage you to tap into that well. Richard creates an atmosphere for the Holy Spirit to rebuke, correct and instruct in a profound way. His ministry is all about provoking supernatural breakthrough by aligning our beliefs and expectations with our full inheritance as sons and daughters of the King.

No More Games! 

It's time to stop playing games with Elementary-level faith. Our God is looking for some sons and daughters who will go ALL IN and become powerful ambassadors of His supreme reign over every circumstance and situation. Who's ready to embrace the full weight of their kingdom identity?

Get locked and loaded in the full armor of God (Ephesians 6). Put on that robe of righteousness and wield the sword of the Spirit. Then watch how powerfully God can move through vessels who are willing to bring Heaven's culture into hostile territory through bold declarations of faith!

I'm all in. Who's joining me?

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