Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Why I follow atheists on Twitter.

Some people find it strange that I follow some atheists on twitter.

I would like to point out that twitter isn’t church.  I assure you I am not following the footsteps of atheists to sheol!  I am having a dialog with a potential Christians in cyberspace.

I have always had a relationship with the Lord since I was a child.  I can’t remember a time when I never was connected spiritually if only at the very deepest point of my soul.  There was a time in my teenage years that I studied science and that led to somewhat of an atheistic viewpoint on life.
I still heard the voice of God, but I suppressed it choosing to believe with my empirical senses.   I chose to relate to the world through things I could verify with the senses and attempted to negate the things of the spirit.

After a series of undeniable miracles and supernatural experiences, I chose to investigate the supernatural realm.   With all of the supernatural experiences I had, I would simply be lying to myself if I denied them.   I studied various other religions for several years.  All leads seemed to look good at first, but turned up dry at the end.

Finally I came to a point in my life where I was brought  to my knees in despair.  I was at a point where I was going to give up. I was at the end of my end.  And in my pit of despair  the voice of God spoke to me again.  The old familiar voice that I always knew.  Jesus’ sheep know His voice (John 10)  and another they will not follow.

So then I went back to following the voice of Jesus.  At least I can say I followed the compass heading of The Way.

The reason I am writing about this,  is I too had my bout with atheism.  I was simply playing a game with myself suppressing the spirit of God’s voice down to where I didn’t have to follow or obey it.  I suspect there are a lot of atheists that are doing the same exact thing.

For one to label themselves an atheist  and declare it openly means that they have put the time in to think about theology.  It means that  they have been looking and searching for truth.   It means that they have read  a few books, even the bible.  Some atheists can quote more scripture than Christians.   I know that some atheists ponder more on the philosophical things of life than Christians.  A lot of Christians simply parrot what they heard in church on Sundays, not understanding the precepts while some atheists will put those scriptures under the microscope.  Shouldn’t Christians examine scripture with the same tenacity?

Does God want Christians to turn atheists away?  Quite the contrary.  He want us to be a light unto the lost.

Conversing with people you disagree with keeps you sharp.  If you can’t defend your faith, then it is time for you to examine it.

Atheists will ask you some hard questions.  Can you answer them?

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