Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Why I Engage with Atheists: A Christian’s Perspective

I dialogue with Atheists

As a devout Christian, I often find myself in dialogue with atheists, particularly on social media platforms like Twitter. This might seem unusual to some, but let me assure you, my faith is not wavering, nor am I straying from the path of righteousness. Instead, I view these interactions as opportunities for spiritual growth and understanding.

From a young age, I've always felt a deep spiritual connection with the Lord. Even during my teenage years, when my interest in science led me to question my faith, that connection remained, albeit suppressed by my empirical worldview.

Despite my temporary divergence from faith, I couldn't ignore the voice of God completely. After experiencing a series of undeniable miracles and supernatural events, I found myself drawn back to the spiritual realm. I explored various religions, but none provided the answers I sought.

It was only when I reached a point of despair that I truly heard the voice of God again. In that moment of vulnerability, I recognized the voice I had known all along - the voice of Jesus. From then on, I chose to follow His guidance, His Way.

I share this personal journey because I believe many atheists are on a similar path. They've spent time pondering theology, searching for truth, and even reading the Bible. Some atheists can quote more scripture than Christians and delve deeper into life's philosophical questions.

So, should we, as Christians, shun atheists? On the contrary, we should engage with them, learn from them, and shine our light onto their path. Engaging with those who hold different beliefs can strengthen our faith and understanding.

Atheists will challenge you, ask difficult questions, and make you examine your faith. If you can't defend your faith, perhaps it's time to delve deeper into it.

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  1. This is a really good piece, Conrad! I think we Christians sometimes forget that although we weren't atheists, there was a time when we refused to acknowledge God too!

  2. BTW that was me, Penelope!

  3. Very insightful thoughts on the subject. Sometimes the best way to stay sharp is spend time with those people with opposing view points. It is sad to think so many Christians tend to dehumanize athesists.
    I really liked looking at the famous atheist Hitchens and pastor Wilson`s relationship as an example to follow.

  4. Thanks!

    Penelope - Absolutely! Lots of us experience the running from God phase. Some even deny there is a God during that phase. But deep down, He is still there.

    Stephen - If we can't defend our faith are we really in it? Christians need to ask themselves why they are Christians, cuz the atheists certainly will! I am going to follow up on the Hitchens/Wilson relationship. Interesting. God Bless!