Sunday, September 18, 2011

Might as well Laugh!

A praise report with a smile.

Ha, Ha, Ha... some times i just have to laugh at how things are going.

I have a window that fell off the track in my SUV.  So sometimes it slips a little inside the door, until i scrounge up the $400 to get it fixed.  I went to bed with the window just about an inch from the top.  I thought, "No big deal, it is not going to rain in Houston anyway, this is like the longest drought in history!".

Well lo and behold, the next morning it rained.  And it rained hard!    At this point in my life moments like this may be a cause to call suicide prevention.  How much more of this can i take?

Well, i bucked it up, put on my slippers and headed out to deal with the situation.  As soon as i stepped outside i was immediately deterred by the mammoth amount of water that was falling from God's sky and the furious wind that accompanied it.  I frowned and turned back inside intending on simply sulking my way through this.  I envisioned how much water was going to be in my truck and all of the consequences i would suffer.   I focused on the negative.

Soon sulking started to seem unproductive so i  decided to pray and praise God a little bit.  You know, give thanks in all circumstances ( 1 Thessalonians 5:18).

Well the rain was over in about an hour, and i quickly put my slippers back on and trudged toward my SUV with towel in tow.  As i opened the passenger door i expected to see a scene that would make me fall to my knees and just cry.

Instead i saw a blessing.  

Remember the wind that accompanied the rain?  Well that strong wind actually blew the rain away from my passenger side window.  The wind was so strong that hardly a drop of rain got inside my truck.

Ha ha ha!  Might as well laugh.  God is good!

It's OK, I am in good company.  Father God laughs too!

Psa 37:12-13  The wicked plotteth against the just, And gnasheth upon him with his teeth.  (13)  The Lord will laugh at him; For he seeth that his day is coming.


  1. Hah! Love it! God always cares about the small things that concern us. Our pastor has been doing a series on God's favor. It think you just saw some in action!

  2. Showers of blessings! love that. but - we should get you some "cool" slippers that YOU'd never wear outside...say, some monkey slippers - like mine! :)

    {{HUGS}} thx for the smile!