Thursday, October 6, 2011

I Found Treasure!

Have you ever been searching and searching and searching  for something and found out that you already owned it?

I have done this many times.  More than i care to mention.

I was looking for an online spreadsheet for some tasks that i wanted to keep track of.  I went searching online for a bit, and then i started thinking, "Hey!I have google docs!  AND it has an online spreadsheet!".  Wow!  How cool is that?  I already have a free app in my possession that is more than adequate for what i need.

Consider this.  People pay hundreds of dollars for a smart phone and they only use  it to make calls?  That is a waste!  Smart phones can do all sorts of amazing stuff.  I have a bunch of different bibles on mine.  I have weather apps, podcast apps, radio apps, music apps, GPS apps, and the list could go on.  In my pocket is more technology than was available to send a man all the way to the Moon!  

I used to try and fill a void with buying things each week only to later get bored with them and end up buying something else later.  I was constantly trying to fill this never ending black hole.   Like buying a treadmill or a weight bench only for it to hold towels a few weeks later.  And then buy something else later, like a video game console or the like.

I was constantly fooling myself that something "out there" would satisfy me or fill my need.  When i already had something in my possession that was more than adequate.

Now that my  funds are in a different state i am having to look to the things that i already posess and learn how to utilize them to their full potential.  This is actually quite fun.  It is like turning a piece of steel into a swiss army knife without ever leaving home.

I am finding treasures right here.  Right now.

Why should i punish myself searching for something that  i already have?

Are you searching for something "out there" to fill your needs or desires?
What scriptures do you think apply?  Can you relate?

Please reply or comment!

God bless~~~~