Friday, October 14, 2011

You are AWESOME!!!

Sometimes i think some of my posts through just a little too much!  Well, I way over think them.  And that is a problem.

I was writing this one post and it turns out that i may make an eBook or Inner circle Podcast out of it.  The thoughts just kept flowing and flowing, and then i noticed it was turning into several pages.

I stepped away in my mind's eye briefly and realized i was trying to coalesce an oceans worth of ideas into a short one page blog post.  That is not going to work.

I love to do podcasts mainly.  I dunno why.  Maybe it is because i sound so much better than i  look!  Podcasting seems to flow much easier and i really enjoy doing them.  However it seems people like reading blogs.  So i try and fit in  a few posts of actual writing just so it appears to look somewhat like a 'normal' blog.

I am grateful for you, because you like all my media forms.  Thanks for being awesome like that!

Have i told you that you rock?  No?  Well, guess what?



I have all these ideas, but they just aren't jumping into a concise one page blog post.

Bloggers Block.

I thank God that i can take 'Blogger's Block' and make a post out of it.  ha ha!


God is continuing being awesome to me.  I really am learning that He is my provider.  It makes me rethink the being a good steward thing.   This may cook your noodle, but it seems like the harder i try and make money, the more in debt i get.  The more i seek God, the more He provides.  Really.  It takes a lot to get my head around it.  Well, really, i just need to get my faith around it.  Praise God. God is all about faith.  Without faith it is impossible to please Him (Hebrews 11:6).

I have been praying about some things.  Good things are coming.  And i am glad to have you in my life.  You are one of the reasons i get up in the morning and stay up late at night.  Without you, my life would be different.

Thank  you for being awesome.  And once again, i just want to say:



  1. Thank you for all the time you put into helping us stay rock Conrad!

  2. I agree with girls DO rock Conrad! Wow you sure know how to put words into action :) Reading about your posts turning out too long at times. I am the same way. I get too detailed lol When I tell a story my mind rambles on and on thinking of more that needs to be said so the story is complete. Hey! Don't you know the inside of a person shines on the outside? There's nothing wrong with your looks at all Conrad....they go perfectly with your your videos. You bring on the smiles :) Thanks for your positive words :)

  3. always a pleasure to hear what the Lord wants to share through your ministry Conrad...hope an pray this finds you well and in good spirits...