Saturday, November 12, 2011

Testimony: How God Supplied My Needs During Financial Hardship

God Comes Through in difficult Times!

Hey there, this is Conrad, and I'm excited to share my personal testimony about how God provided for me during a really difficult financial season.

As many of you know, I've been going through tremendous money troubles for about a year now. The economy has been tough, and no matter how hard I worked, it felt like I was just sinking deeper and deeper into debt. It got to the point where I was really starting to get scared - I do online ministry work and stuff at my church, but the bills just kept piling up.

I reached a turning point where I knew I had to make a decision. Was I going to keep trying to figure this out on my own, or was I finally going to put my full trust in God? So I made the choice to step out in faith. I started confessing God's promises - that He would supply all my needs according to His riches and glory. I made seeking His kingdom and His righteousness my top priority, instead of just focusing on my financial troubles.

And let me tell you, God has been so faithful! Each month, when rent was due, provision would come in from unexpected sources. It's not like I'm living in a mansion or driving a Hummer, but God has consistently met my basic needs. One of you amazing people even posted something that really resonated with me - about how the Israelites didn't have to work for the manna, God just provided it. That's exactly what I've been experiencing.

I'm so excited to testify that when we put our faith in God and make Him the priority, He will take care of us. The financial situation hasn't completely turned around, but I'm trusting that as long as I keep seeking Him first, He'll continue to supply all that I need. If you're going through something similar, I encourage you - have faith in God. He is faithful, and He will come through for you too. Let's keep praising Jesus together!


  1. The last couple years for me I can testify to the exact same thing! Even before that there were times but the last few years have been extreme, like no money for hospital bills and something happens and the money is there, etc. Even my returning to the U.S. was in faith and God provided everything I have needed, no more no less. Just like the Manna! It`s crazy! Im weary though and I would like to arrive at the promise land! Thanks for the post Conrad!

  2. thanks Steve. A lot of people are coming forth and testifying to the same thing.

    God supplies needs!

  3. Amen Brother!!!

    I have been going through a similar situation where I've been out of work and No Money! I was expected to start two jobs around the holiday's but then I broke both my wrist and ankle leaving in which I have been unable to work, but as you said, the Lord provides for our needs. In fact, I've been using the time to do a bible reading on my blog each day (or Journey as I call it), almost done with my rough draft on my first book on my spiritual journey to God, a business plan and model designed to get the word of God out to those who need it and to fulfill their calling, and much more. I cannot thank God more than the experience he is putting me through right now, even though I'm broke, unemployed, and still in my wheelchair. He does provide, and blesses us in ways we never expect! Thanks for sharing Conrad, keep the faith alive:-)

  4. Conrad, this video, and this testimony ROCK !!!!!!!!!! Our God REIGNS !!!! And He DOES supply our needs!!!!