Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Seeking God in the Wilderness: Lessons From a Camping Mishap

Sharing a video of my busted camping trip! I had too many distractions in the wilderness.

Seeking God in the Wilderness: Lessons From a Camping Mishap

Hey everyone, guess who's back from a not-so-successful camping trip? Yep, it's me! Remember back in January of 2012 when I mentioned wanting to do a "seeking the Lord" camping trip? Well, let's just say things didn't quite go as planned. 

The idea was simple: unplug from the world and focus on God.  Between the hustle and bustle of life, seeking God's guidance felt important.  Inspired by the verse "seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness" (Matthew 6:33), I packed my bags and headed out.

But as soon as I arrived, reality hit.  The weather was freezing, my fancy new "shed" wasn't quite as warm as advertised, and of course, Murphy's Law decided to show up - air mattresses deflated, chairs broke, the whole nine yards.  Suddenly, "seeking the Lord" felt a lot more like "battling the elements."

Here's the thing I realized: sometimes, our good intentions get waylaid by distractions.  I was so focused on mimicking the experiences of biblical figures, like John the Baptist, that I forgot about being prepared for the actual environment.  My desire to be "out there" in the wilderness became a barrier to truly connecting with God.

The good news? Even with all the mishaps, I did hear from God.  It wasn't some dramatic mountaintop experience, but a quieter moment while reading scripture.  The message? Sometimes, seeking God doesn't require a grand adventure.  It can happen right where you are, with nothing more than your Bible and a quiet mind.

So, what are the takeaways from this (slightly comical) wilderness fail?

Count the Cost:  While a spiritual retreat sounds great, be realistic about your capabilities and the environment. 
Focus on the Word: Disruptions happen, but scripture provides a constant source of truth and connection with God. 
Quiet Your Mind: Seeking God often involves quieting the external noise and internal chatter. 
God is Everywhere: You don't need a dramatic setting to find God. He's present wherever you are, ready to listen.

Maybe this camping trip wasn't the success I envisioned, but it was a valuable lesson.  Seeking God is a journey, and sometimes, the detours lead us to the most profound discoveries.

Let me know in the comments below - what are your experiences with seeking God? Have you ever had a moment where you felt disconnected during what was supposed to be a spiritual experience?


  1. I like this, so true.

  2. Wow, man, that trip totally busted. I so know what you mean about distractions, I fight them daily. Hope it gets better! Praying for you,


  3. Yes Conrad I hear you loud and clear... Perseverance my friend....God bless you! Praying for you as well...