Saturday, December 31, 2011

Prophetic Word December 31, 2011

Here are a few things that the Spirit of God has been releasing recently.

The topics covered are:

New wine old wine-skins
Taking new Territory
Prophetically following the Holy Spirit
Praying for those around you
my gospel is to the lukewarm


  1. Great word, Conrad! You should definitely post it on YouTube as well - AND on Blog Talk Radio.

  2. Good word! You're right on.

  3. Thank you for sharing! Conrad, the Lord had me' read & think on the 1st few chapters of Joshua earlier this week. This is what I learned from Holy Spirirt. As we take possession in 2012 , we need to inquire of the Lord what to do for every move we take (Joshua 1:8) especially after a great victory. (Remember Ai)

  4. HAHA! Guess what book Ive been methodically reading the past two months. Joshua Wow! The Holy Spirit is amazing!!

  5. Your word witnesses with me big time Conrad. Especially what you said about being co-laborers with Christ. The Holy Spirit's had me in Acts the last month. Every point you addressed is constant in that account of the church. Talk about new wine being delivered and old wine skins needing to go. Plus - taking new territory, following the Holy Spirit, radical praying. I have felt an incredible stirring to live loudly again. What I mean by that is not to thump people with bible verses, but to challenge luke warmness with radical faith action - being a kind of spiritual mentor around people. Many in the church need to see what original uncontaminated faith looks like. They need to see people who really believe and aren't afraid to do something about it. That's powerful, and it has a way of shaking people up. Check out the word I got for for this year. God's moving. Feeling the breeze...

  6. Been in spiritual warfare big time here. I got tired of chemtrails so I took authority over them , and haven't seen one here since(bout 4 days now). We have to know that we know amen. No luke warm Christians here (smile) Great word keep up the good work conrad!

  7. The old wineskins are too busy being filled w/ the world.
    Happy 2 act a fool in front of thousands @sporting events, unwilling to praise God outloud even @church, they(churched America) are the lukewarm. They are the new territory that is to be taken. Within the walls of the church yet all around us. They are the 1s we are to be praying 4 God to open their eyes. The pouring out of His Holy Spirit upon us. Many are fooled & will be left behind, hearing the words, I knew you not.