Monday, May 27, 2013

God Can Resurrect Dead Dreams!

God Can Breathe Life Back Into Your Dreams

This morning, something incredible happened on my prayer walk. As I was getting some quiet time with the Lord, a revelation hit me like a bolt of lightning.

I woke up with this strange feeling, like there was something I needed to remember. Then, I saw a crumpled piece of paper – a prophecy that God had given me way back in 2002! It was dirty, stained with coffee, and looked like it had been through the wringer. But there it was, a forgotten dream the Lord had placed on my heart.

Here's the thing: that dream felt dead. It had been years, and nothing seemed to be happening. My mind started racing with doubts: "Why hasn't this come to pass? What went wrong?"

But then, as I continued my walk, I noticed something else. I was standing at a beautiful spot, but there was a small stream separating me from the other side. My new shoes were nice, but I didn't want to get them dirty by crossing. It made me realize that sometimes, we hold ourselves back from what God has for us because we're afraid to get a little messy.

The Bible tells us in John 12:24: "Very truly I tell you, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds."  Just like that seed, our dreams may seem to die, but that's often just the beginning. It's in the letting go, in the surrendering to God's will, that true growth can happen.

Maybe you're feeling like your dreams are fading away. Maybe you've received a word from God that feels lost in the noise. But friend, I have good news for you:  God can resurrect dead dreams!  He can breathe new life into those forgotten desires. 

The question is, are you willing to keep walking with Him? Are you ready to let go of your own plans and trust in His perfect timing? 

Our relationship with Christ is the fuel that propels us forward on that narrow path. It may be difficult, there may be obstacles, but just like Paul in Acts, knowing the reward that awaits us can give us the strength to keep going.

So hold onto hope.  Don't give up on your dreams. God is working behind the scenes, even when you can't see it. And remember, with Him, anything is possible.

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