Tuesday, June 25, 2013

From Buddhism to Radically Saved! - Jonnathan's testimony

From Buddhism to Jesus

I have an amazing friend named Jonnathan

Jonnathan has one of the most powerful testimonies of coming to faith in Jesus that I've ever heard. Jonnathan grew up as a Buddhist, even being selected by the Dalai Lama as a potential Buddhist monk when he was just 7 years old. However, his life took a radical turn toward Jesus in the most supernatural way.

When Jonnathan was 23 years old, his world was crumbling around him. His dad had lost his life savings, they were about to lose their home and car, and his entire family had turned against him. The weight of it all caused Jonnathan to spiral into despair and even plan to take his own life with his dad's pistol. 

But God had other plans. At the moment Jonnathan was about to end it all, there was a knock at the door. Two young Mormon missionaries said they had heard a voice telling them to come to Jonnathan's house, that there was a "little boy who has questions that need answers" found only in the Bible.

In that moment, Jonnathan realized he was the "little boy" God was referring to. He was utterly undone by the fact that God saw him and cared enough to supernaturally send help his way. Jonnathan invited the missionaries in and gave his life to Jesus Christ right then and there.

Over the next couple of weeks, word spread about Jonnathan's experience, and more and more people gathered to do Bible studies with him. During those small group studies, God downloaded incredible scriptural insights and understanding directly into Jonnathan's heart. It was like a profound outpouring of the Holy Spirit!

Jonnathan passionately shared how in those Bible studies, he would read passages he had never heard before, and God would instantly reveal the meaning to him through divine revelation. The missionaries were stunned, telling Jonnathan he must be a prophet because of this supernatural gifting.

Ultimately, Jonnathan's life was completely transformed by his encounter with the living God. He left behind his Buddhist roots and fully embraced faith in Jesus Christ. It's been amazing to witness my friend's journey and see the undeniable power of God to radically save someone, even from the brink of suicide.

Jonnathan's story gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. There's no doubt in my mind that the God of the Bible is real and that He relentlessly pursues people to save them and give them new life in His Son Jesus. I'm so thankful for what God did for my friend, and I pray his testimony encourages you to seek the Lord like never before!

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