Monday, August 5, 2013

How is your communication with God?

Relationship with Christ has a lot to do with communication.

Sheep hearing His voice can mean  simply knowing who the Shepard is and following the sound of His voice.  Much like the children of Israel following the glory cloud.  They saw the cloud, and even followed it,  but lacked clarity in vision -  therefore lacking clarity in purpose.  They dared not draw near because they were afraid.

This poorly developed relationship caused many trips around the mountain.

Intimacy with Christ brings us to a more defined level of communication.

As a dumb sheep we may simply see an inkblot on the page not discerning the minutia of God's plan  But the more intimate we become with God the more profound our communication. Our discernment has more sparkling clarity.

Intimacy moves us from the shaky faith of Gideon needing many confirmations to the unwavering faith of Paul who offers himself up freely to be beaten for a man he never physically met. .

How is your communication with God?  Is it a five minute prayer on the way to work? Or is it a 21 day fast like Daniel that changes the course of history?

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