Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Brave German Woman Who Boldly Confronted Islam in Luther's Church

Heidi's Holy Roar: One Lady's Fearless Stand Against Islamic Encroachment

I'm fired up today after watching a powerful video of a brave German woman boldly standing up for Jesus in the face of Islamic opposition. This tiny lady is my new hero, and I want to share her inspiring story with all of you.

It happened at the Memorial Church of the Reformation in Germany - a building dedicated to honoring Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation. Incredibly, a Muslim imam was invited to give the call to prayer during what was supposed to be an "interfaith" concert bridging Christianity and Islam. 

As soon as the imam started his chanting, proclaiming "Allah is the only God," this faithful German woman named Heidi sprang into action. From the balcony, she invoked the name of Luther and shouted "Jesus Christ is Lord over Germany!" She declared, "I break this curse" over the blasphemous display happening in Luther's church.

Can you imagine having that kind of holy boldness? Heidi did not cower in silent apathy like the rest of the attendees. Moved by righteous anger from the Lord, she refused to let this spiritual attack go unanswered in the name of "interfaith dialogue." The church leaders should have thrown the imam out, not Heidi!

Brothers and sisters, we desperately need more believers like this woman who will not stay silent or compromise as Islam encroaches into the church. Heidi proclaimed, "The Muslims serve another god - this Allah is not the same God! It is idol worship, and they offer blood sacrifices to their god."

She is right. Islam cannot be tamed or made compatible with biblical Christianity. The two are incompatible belief systems. One proclaims the Lordship and saving grace of Jesus Christ, while the other fundamentally denies His divinity and the gospel itself.

Heidi's life is now in danger from emboldened Muslims for her courageous stand. Yet she has no fear, saying, "I know my God, the living God of the Bible, can protect me as long as He wants. When my time is over, I will go to Him." What a inspiring example of the fearless faith we are all called to!

Like the brave German woman, may we all find a spirit of repentance and holy boldness to take a stand while there is still time. The church in the West is growing increasingly lukewarm and compromised as we slumber through Islam's encroachments. We cannot stay silent anymore.

I urge you to watch Heidi's video and share it widely. Her zeal for the Lord should inspire and convict us all. May we all become as bold as lions, filled with righteous anger over blasphemies against our King Jesus. No more cowardice, only the fearless roar of the Lion of Judah!



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