Friday, October 17, 2014

Walking in the Supernatural: Emma Mounteer’s Journey with Jesus

Walking in the Supernatural

Today, we have a remarkable story to share with you from Emma Mounteer, a prophetic Christian with a powerful testimony of faith and divine intervention. Emma’s journey with Jesus is filled with supernatural encounters that showcase the incredible power of walking with God. She joins us to discuss her experiences, miracles, and the prophetic dreams that guide her life.

Emma’s Early Encounter with Jesus:

Emma’s relationship with Jesus began when she was just seven years old. Despite growing up without a religious background, she instinctively knew the presence of God. She prayed with a childlike faith, asking the Lord to hold onto her. This early discernment laid the foundation for her deep connection with Jesus, who continued to guide and protect her throughout her life.

A Divine Warning:

One of the most significant moments in Emma’s journey occurred when she was a young adult. After dropping her mother off, Emma felt an inexplicable warning not to return home. Trusting in the Lord’s voice, she stayed at a friend’s house. Upon returning home later, she discovered that someone had broken into her house, with disturbing signs left behind. The Lord’s clear warning had protected her and her son from potential harm.

Transformative Faith

Emma’s life took a dramatic turn as she began to delve deeper into her faith. She started reading the Bible and seeking a closer relationship with God. Despite initially leading a life far from religious devotion, Emma experienced a profound transformation. She became devoted to sharing her testimony, prophetic dreams, and daily devotions, which have inspired many in her community.

Prophetic Dreams and Divine Messages

Emma’s story is filled with prophetic dreams that have guided her and others. One particularly striking dream involved a warning about upcoming persecutions, symbolized by red crosses. In another dream, she faced a trial where she refused to deny God, resulting in her metaphorical beheading and subsequent joy in the presence of Jesus. These dreams have not only strengthened her faith but also serve as powerful messages for the broader Christian community.

Spreading the Gospel

Emma’s impact extends beyond her personal experiences. Her neighbor, once resistant to hearing about God, became a believer through the miraculous vision of her son. This transformation highlights the incredible power of faith and the Gospel's ability to change hearts.


Emma Mounteer’s journey is a testament to the supernatural power of walking with Jesus. Her experiences of divine warnings, prophetic dreams, and transformative faith serve as powerful reminders of God’s presence in our lives. For those seeking inspiration and proof of the miraculous, Emma’s story is a beacon of hope and faith.

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