Friday, October 3, 2014

Faith Beyond Walls: A Miraculous Journey with Vernon Mordecai

Embracing the Supernatural

Greetings, beloved readers! Today, I have an exceptional interview to share with you. I've known Vernon Mordecai for several years through social media, especially Facebook, where his posts are insightful, humorous, and deeply anointed. He has a miraculous life story that I believe will bless you immensely.

In this interview, we explore some profound topics, including the necessity of taking the gospel beyond the four walls of the church, the miraculous power of the Holy Spirit, and modern-day miracles that testify to God's enduring power. Let's dive into our conversation.

The Call Beyond the Four Walls

One of the first things Vernon shared was his conviction that the church must reach beyond its walls. As he put it, "The body of Christ needs to get out from behind the walls of the church. The people outside are the ones who need salvation and healing." This perspective is crucial in today's world, where many people feel disconnected from traditional church settings.

The Miraculous Power of the Holy Spirit

Vernon's ministry is filled with miraculous stories that demonstrate the power of the Holy Spirit. For instance, he spoke about a pastor in Matanga, Oklahoma, who was pronounced dead but was resurrected through the prayer of a street minister. This story not only made the news but also served as a powerful testimony of God's miracle-working power.

Encountering the Supernatural

Vernon shared how his ministry began after he committed his life to Jesus in 1983. Raised in a conservative church that didn't believe in the Holy Spirit's power, his transformation led him to organize outdoor meetings and revivals. One pivotal moment occurred when an evangelist didn't show up, and Vernon, despite his fears, felt prompted by the Lord to speak. He preached about the cross and the apostles' sacrifices, which led to many salvations and healings.

Modern-Day Miracles

One particularly moving testimony involved a woman who fell to the ground speaking in tongues during a prayer meeting. A young man from India recognized the language she spoke as his own and was convicted of his sins, leading him to accept Jesus. Another story involved a man intent on committing murder who encountered Jesus en route and instead found salvation and reconciliation.

Reaching Beyond the Church Walls

Vernon's experiences highlight the importance of embracing the supernatural and stepping out in faith. He emphasizes that miracles and the power of the Holy Spirit aren't confined to church buildings. "God is raising a radical army in these last days to witness His power," he said.


In conclusion, this conversation with Vernon Mordecai underscores the transformative power of faith and the Holy Spirit. His life and ministry are a testament to the fact that God is still in the miracle business, and that the Book of Acts is still being written today. For those interested, you can follow Vernon Mordecai on Facebook. I’ll include his link here.

Until next time, dig deeper and go higher!

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