Friday, December 5, 2014

Triumph Over Tragedy: Cindy Walters’ Inspiring Testimony of God's Grace

Overcoming with Jesus' Grace - Cindy Walter's Testimony

Welcome to another testimony edition of Conrad Rocks "Coffee with Conrad"! Today we have an inspiring testimony that showcases the transformative power of Jesus Christ.  I am thrilled to bring you Cindy Walters’ incredible story of faith, healing, and unwavering trust in God. Cindy’s journey is a testament to the grace and power of Jesus, and I believe it will touch your heart as it did mine.

Discovering Faith in the Midst of Chaos

Cindy Walters, from Mississippi, did not come to know Jesus until she was 35. Her early life was marked by an abusive childhood and two tumultuous marriages. By the time she was introduced to the Christian community, her life was in disarray. However, God had a plan for her. Cindy moved to a neighborhood where she was surrounded by Christians who, unbeknownst to her, were praying for her constantly.

A Turning Point: The First Church Visit

Despite her resistance, Cindy was eventually persuaded by her neighbors to attend a Methodist church service led by Pastor Curtis Petrey. Her initial experience in the small prayer group was overwhelming, especially given her lack of spiritual background and her struggle with daily panic attacks. Yet, it was in this setting that Pastor Curtis spoke words that resonated deeply with her. He acknowledged her long struggle and assured her that healing was possible through faith.

The Power of Prayer and Deliverance

Cindy’s journey to faith was not instantaneous. She continued to experience panic attacks even during church services. However, a pivotal moment came during a lay witness mission when a woman identified a spirit of fear that had plagued Cindy since childhood. When this woman prayed for her, Cindy experienced a profound deliverance. She felt a physical release, and from that moment in 1983, she never had another panic attack.

Battling and Overcoming Cancer

In 2007, Cindy faced another life-threatening challenge: rheumatoid arthritis and subsequent lymphoma, a rare side effect of her medication. Despite the dire prognosis, Cindy’s faith never wavered. She trusted that God would heal her, and remarkably, three months into chemotherapy, she was declared cancer-free. The doctors were astounded, but Cindy knew it was God’s healing power at work. Since then, she has been cancer-free, defying medical expectations.

Coping with Tragedy: The Loss of a Grandson

Perhaps the most challenging trial Cindy faced was the tragic death of her 18-year-old grandson, Christopher, in a car accident. This loss tested her faith like never before. Cindy struggled with anger and confusion, questioning God’s plan. However, through this heartache, God brought about a miraculous transformation in her son, Michael. Christopher’s death propelled Michael to fully commit to his faith, leading to a newfound passion for mission work. Today, Michael leads a mission bicycle team in Thailand, raising funds for an orphanage, a testament to God’s ability to bring good from the most painful circumstances.

A Testament to God’s Grace and Faithfulness

Cindy’s story is a powerful reminder of God’s grace and faithfulness. Despite facing abuse, health crises, and profound loss, Cindy chose to trust God every step of the way. Her faith transformed her life, healed her body, strengthened her marriage, and inspired her family to serve God with renewed fervor. Cindy’s testimony is a beacon of hope for anyone struggling with similar challenges.

Thank you, Cindy, for sharing your powerful testimony. If you would like to connect with Cindy Walters, you can find her on Facebook.  Here at Conrad Rocks, we encourage you to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Until next time, dig deeper and go higher. Amen.

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