Friday, December 12, 2014

Author Glynda Linkous Shares Testimony of Miraculous Healing in New Book "The Healing Companion"

Glynda Linkous: Miraculous Healing Testimony

In a recent interview, author Glynda Linkous discussed the incredible story behind her latest book "The Healing Companion." After previously writing about her spiritual wilderness journey in "The Wilderness Companion," Linkous felt God prompting her that the next book in the series would be about healing. 

In 2012, shortly after this revelation, Linkous suffered a severe hemorrhagic stroke that left her unable to walk and with slurred speech. Doctors gave her a dire prognosis, saying it would take 8 months to regain 80% of her abilities. But Linkous held fast to her faith, declaring that she serves a God who can do much better than that.

Miraculously, Linkous recovered quickly, which motivated her to write "The Healing Companion" to share what God taught her about receiving healing. The book explores the biblical steps to healing, the role of faith, and how to overcome mental strongholds that can block healing. 

Having no formal theological training, Linkous feels she can hear from God clearly to help others without denominational filters. Her books aim to provide user-friendly scriptural "manuals" for those going through wilderness seasons, illness, and grief.

Linkous emphasized that although Jesus paid the price for our healing, we must appropriate that truth by faith, allowing God's Word to override the "facts" of a doctor's diagnosis. "The sword of truth is stronger than the facts of man," she powerfully declared.

"The Healing Companion" is now available on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback formats. Linkous hopes it will equip thousands to receive their healing breakthrough.

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