Monday, November 14, 2016

Kingdom Key - Forgiveness

Jesus gives us Keys to the Kingdom which enable us to live a Victorious Christian Life.

Many people are struggling with sickness, poverty, and all sorts of torments. The good news is there are keys in Scripture that the Lord has made available to us. These keys are solutions to our problems and are found in God’s Word.

This is why I put together a free pdf ebook “Kingdom Keys - Forgiveness”

Prov 25:2; [It is] the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings [is] to search out a matter.

The more we dig into the Word of God the higher we go in our relationship with Him. We pick up some Kingdom Keys along The Way. These keys seem to be hidden at first but they've been there the whole time. Once you ‘get it’, you will jump up and down with joy!

I'm interviewing three people on the subject of forgiveness and how it relates to torment. Torment can come in many forms such as sickness, poverty, disease, and just plain being miserable. In this ebook I transcribe conversations with experts who live and breathe this Kingdom Key:

Kevin Riordan - Street Fisher Ministries
Garry Nesbit - Evangelist

Hear is what you can expect from the ebook:

- Biblical principles on how unforgiveness is deadly
- The unforgiveness / sickness correlation
- Why unforgiveness blocks answered prayer
- Testimonies of personally forgiving the abuser
- All scripture references in full text
- Links to more interviews and testimonies
- Links to social media of Jay, Kevin, and Garry.
- Links to each podcast so you can download and share them.

Get the PDF ebook here now:

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