Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Forgiveness - Kingdom Key with Jay Cookingham

This is an interview I did with Jay Cookingham from Strategic Fathering Ministries about the Kingdom Key of FORGIVENESS. In this interview we discuss the biblical view of Forgiveness and how we can apply it in real life.

In this interview:
Unforgiveness is like a prison;
Unforgiveness and torment Matt 18:
Forgiveness is a Rescue;
Jay's testimony of Abuse and Forgiveness;
God shows up;
What is true forgiveness?;
Jay Cookingham from

Listen to "Jay Cookingham - Forgiveness" on Spreaker.

You can get an ebook with a transcript of this conversation and all the interviews I did on the Kingdom Key of Forgiveness.  In the FREE ebook you will also get links to the audio interviews of each guest.

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