Thursday, January 26, 2017

Get Outta Hell Free Card

Bible chopping video ;
Satan manipulates scripture;
The sum of the Word is True;
Precept upon precept Isaiah 28:10,11;
Killing Jezebel's children;
Romans 10:9,10 get outta hell free;
Judgement seat and works 2 Cor 5:10;
James 2 faith without works is dead;
Saving Faith  and demons;
Wheat and tares Matthew 13:24-30 ;
Parable of the virgins Matt 25:1-13 ;
Parable of the talents Matt 25:14-30;
Parable of the sheep and goats Matt 25:31-46;
Matt 7:21-23   Doing the Will of the Father;
Saul killed people using scripture;
Killing Christians for God John 16:2;
Matt 5-7 whole sermon on the mount;
Matt 7:24-27  build house on the Rock;
Rev 3:15 lukewarm church and works;
Romans 8:14  Led by spirit are the sons of God;
John 15 abiding in the vine;

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