Friday, January 27, 2017

Meagan Farrow Testimony for Jesus

I asked a #QuestionsThatRock about Christians, alcohol, and marijuana.  Meagan was very passionate about the subject, and i knew there was a testimony for Jesus behind what she was saying.

Christians and drugs #QuestionsThatRock ;
Lost mom early age;
Abuse as a child;
Went to church as a child;
Numbing effect of drugs;
Questioning the existence of God;
Step mom got delivered;
Prayer and reading the word 1hr daily;
The backslide;
Graduating to harder drugs;
The breaking point;
The divine appointment;
The Rock of Revelation;
The divine Facebook status!;
Teaching Sunday school;
Married with a house!
Continually growing in Jesus;
Meagan Prays;
Jeremiah 29:13 Seeking God with our whole heart;

Meagan on FaceBook;

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