Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Big Jim's Testimony for Jesus

Here is the Audio Podcast!

Testimony interview with Big Jim. From 34 years of Addiction to on fire Evangelist!

34 years of addiction;
Generational curses in Jim's life;
Rejection and abandonmnet;
Hatred towards God and Christians;
Fighting and beating people up;
How this life affected his children;
The family he didn't even know he had;
Jim's Supernatural encouter with God;
Psychotic Blackout changed Jim's future;
Doctor says Jim is going to die;
Jim's desperate search for help;
The Road to Damascus moment;
Supernatural deliverance! ;
Jim meets Alex Peters;
Tragedy inspires another turning point;
Developing a relationship with God;
Jim's discusses transformation;
The walking war room;
Inception of the Walk Across America ;
Jim's Plan verses God's Plan;
A Jesus encounter in Tennessee;
Supernatural provision - #Faith ;
Jim's Faith is tested ;
Heroine Highway shocking Overdoses;
Apathy of Churches and their communities;
Minnesota Recovery Network;
Jesus Based FREE Recovery programs;
Big Jim’s Walk Foundation;
The Million man army;
Camp Redemption ;

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