Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Iniquity and deliverance - Prophetic Vision

Sharing a prophetic vision i had recently. If you are struggling with iniquity this is for you. Sing in the Fire.

Facebook live audio ;
Struggling with iniquity;
Sing in the Fire ;
Corporate prophetic worship 1 Sam 10;
Anatomy of open vison;
Vision of Beam/log in Fireplace;
I heard "Sing in the Fire";
Beam of Iniquity in Matt 7:5;
Kept myself from my iniquity Psalm 18:23;
We see other people's blind spots;
Deliverance from Heavy Metal;
Deliverance is the children's bread;
The obsession leaves;
2 Tim 2 God grants repentance;
Iniquity is on the inside;
1 Peter 3:15 sanctifying God in our heart;
Judgment starts in the house of God;
Job 1:20 Job worshipped in his trial;
Jesus is with us in the fire;
2 Chron 20 worship and national deliverance;

Here is the original video describing the vision.

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