Thursday, August 16, 2018

Beware of the Scribes 02

Continuing on our series of how to read the bible being aware of the words and why they are there. Beware of the Scribes;

Inspiration is In Spirit 2 Peter 1:21;
To Know Jesus we should Know what He says;
Closer to the original source the better;
Presuppositions while we read scripture;
Shall the lion lay with the lamb? Isaiah 11:6;
Bibles changing before our eyes;
What i learned when I judged my neighbor;
Contempt prior to investigation;
Out of the heart the mouth speaks Luke 6:45;
Guard our heart with all diligence Prov 4:23;
Don't look at a woman Matt 5:28;
Job won't look at a maid Job 31:1;
Pure in Heart shall see God Matt 5:8;
purify our heart James 4:8
clean hands and pure heart ps 24:3
Hide your word in my heart to not sin Psalm 119:11;
Leaven can block or knock our understanding;
Tyndale was killed for translating the bible;
Church verses congregation or assembly;

2 Months Free with Scribd 

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