Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Beware of the Scribes 06

I am sharing a method I have learned through trial and error on reading the bible.

Show Notes:
The only way to the Father is through Jesus John 14:6;
We must worship God in Spirit and Truth John 4:24;
Jesus is The Word John chapter 1;
The spirit guides us into all truth John 16:13;
The quickening of the Word - Heb 4:12;
Shouting off the rooftops in joy Matt 10:27;
Listening to the Spirit while we read or listen;
Beginning by carnal meditation on The Word;
When we follow the spirit miracles happen;
We have a responsibility to seek God;
Dont ignore the spirit of truth through presuppositions;
God confirms the Word John 14:26;
John 14:26 the Holy Ghost will teach us;
Consume vast amounts of The Word;
John 15:6-8 abide in the Word;
Think what God thinks;
ESword website ;
YouVersion https://www.bible.com/ ;
Looking at parallel translations to compare;
Two or three witnesses before a doctrine Matt 18:16;
Building our house upon the Rock;
Bible chopping Youtube video;
Bible Chopping leads to verses out of context;
Matt 7:7,8 ask and you shall receive;
“It is written again” in Matt 4 and Luke 4;
James attenuates Jesus teaching James 4:3,4
Knowing the Nature, Character and Authority of Jesus;
The sum of thy word is truth Psalm 119:160;
Misquoting the president - out of context or knowing him;
What could be more important than seeking God?;
Read the bible - self defense against false doctrine;
Going to the original languages Matt 4:4; 2 Peter 1:21;
Jesus did not speak King James English;
Concordances, lexicons, and expository dictionaries with Esword;
Esword is easy to use;
Vine’s Expository dictionary;
Toss things over with a mentor;
Mentor has signs of a believer Mark 16 and Love;
Paul and Timothy, Elijah and Elisha;
Signs of a believer Mark 16:17,18;
Have a Peter James and John Inner Circle;
My heavy metal deliverance example;
Believers love to constantly talk about Jesus;
Lone rangers can easily fall into error;
Being open to sharpen iron with new believers;
Don’t put too much weight on Commentaries;
1 Cor 2:4,5 preaching in demonstration of spirit and power;
Chain references - Treasury of Scripture Knowledge;
The bible is the best way to interpret the bible;
Be still - open our mind’s for God to speak;
Hindrances to the Truth Youtube Playlist ;

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