Saturday, August 25, 2018

Beware of the Scribes 05

Some words I take issue with in the bible. We will be looking at the underlying definitions and how it affects us.


Show Notes:

Different words make a difference;
Quoting some from ;
King James changes passover to easter;
Changing not only the name and the date;
Early Church celebrated passover;
Council of Nicea changed the date;
Martin Luther added a word to Romans 3:28;
World or aion? Mat 28:20 Mat 13:49 Mat 24:3 ;
A period of time and not the world;
Taking a look at the word 'obey';
Vines definition resulting from persuasion;
Nicolaitans 'lording it over the laity';
Church killed people over doctrine;
Heb 13:7,17 remember our leaders;
The Shepherding movement and obedience;
Submission like Paul and Timothy;
Submission in rehab - my two cents;
Rom 12:2 renewing our mind;
Nuremberg defense ' i was only following orders' ;
Wives submit to your husbands Eph 5:22 ;
Stanley Milgram;s experiment on obedience;
Rom 6:16 we are the servants of whom we obey;

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