Monday, August 6, 2018

From Homeless to Evangelist - John Roush

John was once homeless and is now an on fire evangelist for Jesus Christ. John explains how he spiraled down into homelessness and how God saved him. This interview is for his new book - The Lamb and the Homeless Man.

Brutal honesty;
Addiction led to homelessness;
God showed Rusty Beforehand;
The Stroke;
Panhandling and lying to survive;
God rescues those that seem beyond hope;
Realization of the need to Repent;
God's Fragrance;

Encounter with an angel;
Mandie Rinehart asks about knowing the Lord;
Doug Hanson asks why the church ignores the homeless;
Children are sympathetic to the homeless.
Douglas Barton asks about Eric's impact;
Rob Decker asks about John's favorite times with God;
When God shows up during ministry;
Knowing the Lord versus Knowing about the Lord
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