Saturday, October 27, 2018

Transforming Prayer

I have been praying in Word and Spirit over the last few weeks and I have some revelation about transforming our prayer life.

Pray first two lines of Lord's prayer;
Pray in Spirit;
Keeping mind stayed upon Him Isaiah 26:3;
My goal is to get into the Ezekiel river;
So much in spirit, we forget gravity;
Intentionally wading into Ezekiel's river;
Bouncing out of the spirit by thinking our own thoughts;
God is a Spirit that must be worshipped in Spirit;
In the beginning is the Word;
Worship in spirit - I can back out without a model;
Psalm 100:4 entering into the spirit but not staying;
Groaning in the spirit with words that cannot be uttered;
After this manner - keeping our mind on Him;
The Spirit meets us in our meditation;
Paul knew the Word but not the Spirit until Acts 9;
The Spirit wields the Eph 6 Word Sword;
We purposely determine to walk into the river;

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