Saturday, November 3, 2018

Glenn Roseberry Testimony

Glenn Roseberry was once a successful businessman in America. He left all that to live with the poor people of Africa. I had to find out why.

Show Notes:

Salvation and pretty girls;
The monumental time of repentance;
Getting pulled out of speech class;
Falling away after a business failure;
Hearers verses doers - Rock vs Sand;
Successful business once again;
Jeff the Memphis Missionary Mentor;
Worldly Christian and the spiritual tug;
Impacted by the lives of the early church;
The Radical teachings of Jesus;
Taking to heart - Loving the 'least of these';
Juanita and the Porsche;
The radical change to be a Kingdom Christian;
Frustration with making disciples;
The radical restructuring;
Encountering Jesus while jogging;
God speaks about Africa;
The scammer in the airport;
Leading Muslims to Jesus;
Running across naked ladies;
Sharing 8 minutes in a crusade;
Manifestations of demons and salvations;

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