Thursday, November 22, 2018

Missionary to Africa - Glenn Roseberry

This is an interview with Glenn Roseberry - missionary to Africa. In this blog post you will find the remaining three podcasts to a four-part interview. These podcasts are staggered over three days.

In these podcasts, Glenn will be discussing what it is like to live in the rural Africa. What his daily life is like. He will be discussing things like spiritual warfare, witchcraft, radical Islam, and persecution. 

Missionary to Africa part 2 - Daily Life

What is a day in the life of a Christian Missionary in Rural Africa? PODCAST HERE

First podcast ;
House churches among the persecuted;
Living in a goat stall to building a house;
Elephants and other wildlife ;
The Luke 10 Evangelism model;
Chores on the Farm;
Daily sharing of faith;
Witch doctors and demonic influences;
Ignoring distractions for the Kingdom;
Exercise and food;
Fluoride and malaria;
No gender mixing;
Roles of women and men;
Medical supplies and logistics;
Addressing hygiene issues;
The cost of medical care;
Prosperity gospel and scams;
Day to day discipleship;
Having the same problems as Paul did;

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Missionary to Africa part 3 - Witchcraft , Islam, and the Internet

Continuing the interview with Glenn Roseberry - Missionary to Africa. Internet, Power, Spiritual warfare and a success story. PODCAST HERE

Internet and Electricity;
Going into town to charge phone;
Solar Panel and sharing;
Leading the world in phone banking;
Spiritual warfare and child abductions;
Witchcraft and prosperity;
The police and getting 'disappeared';
Islam and witchcraft;
Muslim coming to Christ;
Luke 10 person of peace;
Becoming a man;

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Missionary to Africa part 4 - Persecution

Continuing the interview with Glenn Roseberry - Persecution.
The names and countries are kept secret for safety purposes;  PODCAST HERE

Many people per square mile;
Armed forces and their solutions;
Radical Islam - Al Shabaab;
House churches in Muslim areas;
Dressing according to local culture;
Staggered walking approach;
Saved from gangs ;
The dangers of shaving;
Attacked for having a bible;
Kidnapping and murder;
Beaten and tortured;
Dangers of crossing borders;
Christians turning Christians into government;
Machine gun fire;
Police arresting people by the hundreds;
Young girls kidnapped and married;
Forced conversions to Islam;
Housing needed for young girls;

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