Sunday, December 9, 2018

Honoring and Remembering Dreams

This is a two part video teaching on honoring and remembering our dreams. If you apply these principles you will be able to remember your dreams better.  This helps us in our spiritual walk because dreams are a spiritual experience.

Video 1

Video Notes:

Being in the spirit is like dreaming;
God speaks through dreams;
We are required to have faith;
God speaks in the night seasons;
Born again to see the domain of the King;
Seal often means 'to encode';
Interpretation belongs to God;
Joseph and Pharaoh had 2 dreams;
Meaning it is established by the Lord Gen 41:32

Video 2

Video Notes:

Dreams guide our lives;
Using hashtags in dream journal for review;
Paul sought the Spirit of God after Acts 9;
The Lord's prayer model - carnal and Spirit;
Getting back to the dream;
Dreams are parked in the spirit;
Dreams rush to our remembrance John 16:13;
God shows us things to come! ;
Set the alarm clock 20 minutes earlier;
Looking at text to see if it changes;
Keep a dream journal;

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