Saturday, December 8, 2018

Proactive Spiritual Warfare

Being proactive with Spiritual Warfare.  Lots of people want push button, quick fix, microwave type solutions to demonic problems.  If the problem is still plaguing us, we should get proactive in our spiritual warfare.

Audio Podcast (PODCAST HERE) Show Notes:

You will be continued to be plagued until you become a kingdom seeker;
Aspirin doesn't work on the devil;
Being meet for the Master's use;
Don't be unequally yoked with unbelievers;
Seek Him diligently for reward Heb 11:6;
Kingdom Keys are in the Word ;
Knowing the Truth to recover ourselves;
Mark 4:23-25 taking heed what we hear;
It is worth selling everything for the treasure in the field'
2 Kings 5 Naaman had to DO what the Spirit said;
Walking out my heavy metal deliverance;
Burning the things devoted to destruction;
Fowls of the air steal the word that was sown;
Being sanctified for miracles to happen;
Walking out deliverance;
Eph 6 Armor is proactive passage;
Satanic hierarchy of darkness;

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