Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Behind the Scenes update - Ministering in Biloxi

Recap for #TeamJesus

Susan and I went to Texas for vacation and came back raring to do some ministry.

Patty came over and we made goodie bags for the homeless. Patty brought a lot of peanut butter and Jelly so we made a bunch of sandwiches to give out. Doug and Joseph came over and we fellowshipped.

We then prayed about where to go. The Lord directed us to the Biloxi lighthouse and the bus station.

We stumbled upon a nice gentleman named Curtis. He had been attacked recently by a man with a baseball bat. His back was broken. We prayed for healing and gave him a goodie bag. He was really nice, and told us a joke about Forrest Gump going to heaven. Please pray for Curtis. He is really having a rough time of it.

The homeless people can be brutal to each other. If you remember, there was a man that was attacked by a machete in Pascagoula. We got him a tent because he had to sleep outside in the cold. Apparently, there is a man that is attacking homeless people with a machete and he killed someone in Gulfport recently.

You can read about the machete incident in Gulfport here: Machete Attack Gulfport

We then went to the Bus station and prayed for several people. One man was named Clement from Jamaica. He had bad back pain. Joseph and i Prayed for him. He felt much better and then Doug came over and prayed for him. He was really feeling much better and grateful after that. He really was touched by the Lord.

We were excited that Patty got to share the love of Jesus with some people at the Bus Station. She is seen here hugging a lady and consoling her. She is really loving being a part of #TeamJesus. She even shared the airplane gospel a few times!

Joseph had an opportunity to share the airplane gospel (LEARN THE AIRPLANE GOSPEL HERE) inside the bus station to some young men and women from all over the country. It is interesting how we can preach the gospel to the whole nation right here in the Gulf Coast. People visit from all over the US and we get to preach to quite a few of them. It's like being a missionary and never leaving home!

We then went to the Biloxi Lighthouse and did lots of ministry. Susan and Joseph did some sidewalk chalk. Several people came by to talk about Jesus. We met four people from Georgia and Missouri. They got the airplane gospel and we talked to them about having a relationship with Jesus. Knowing Him. Not just knowing about Him.

We ran into some more homeless people and ministered some goodie bags to them. We had run into them before. WE gave them a sleeping bag when it was really cold -Thanks to you! Sometimes the homeless people freeze to death in the winter here. It is a very real problem.

The sad thing about these particular two men, is that they want to live outside. They were honest with us and said it was much simpler for them to not have to have bills. They like the freedom.

We see people's lives turn around sometimes. It takes time, but eventually they see that Jesus has a better path for them.

The next day, Susan and i went to walmart and we ran into Guy. Guy was a homeless person that we ministered to over a few months under the bridge in Biloxi. He had a gambling problem. Everytime he got his check it would disappear at the casino.

Guy is doing much better! He was cleaning cars in the walmart parking lot for cash. He was excited to tell us that he didn't give his check to the casinos. He is also earning cash and not panhandling. He was staying in a hotel too! Which is a step closer to getting a place to live!

Please keep Guy in your prayers. We believe he may be getting out of the homeless lifestyle.

We appreciate your support! Here is a reminder that you can buy supplies for the homeless and it will be shipped directly to us. We share the gospel when we hand them out.

You can find the list on the Conrad Rocks Support Page or CLICK HERE

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Thank you for being in our lives. We appreciate you!

Please reply with any comments or prayer requests.

Thanks again!

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